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Track & Search Grand Champion & Tracking Champion Morningmyst Highlander C.D. R.E. (Connor)


Hello, our names are Mark and Lynn Klecka, we share our lives with our Golden Retrievers. We live in Lara, which is south west of the city of Melbourne in Victoria Australia, approximately twenty kilometres from Geelong. Morningmyst named Dogzonline Australian Gundog Breeder of 2014 and Golden Retriever Breeder of 2014. Morningmyst named Dogzonline Golden Retriever Breeder of 2013. Although we have been involved with dogs most of our lives, we purchased our first Golden Retrievers in 1999 from Helen Pownall under the Winterset prefix. These dogs are Winterset Devonn (Devonn) and Winterset Impressions (Rory). Devonn has gained her Tracking Champion Title ( T. Ch. )and her Track and Search Dog Excellent Title (T.S.D.X.) and is now retired from competition and still doing well at the age of fourteen and half! Rory has obtained his obedience Companion Dog Title (C.D.) his Tracking Champion Title (T. Ch.) and also his Track & Search Title (TSD) in 2009 and his Track and Search Dog Excellent title (T.S.D.X.) in 2010. Rory retired from competition, like his sister Devonn and enjoyed a quieter life in his last couple of years overseeing the younger members of our Golden Family, before he left us for Rainbow Bridge on the 31st January 2013. We purchased our third Golden Retriever from Clive & Cheryl Gibson at Fernamber in 2003. Her name is Fernamber Edynn (Edynn) and she has gained her Tracking Champion Title and her Community Companion Dog Title (C.C.D.) and her Track and Search Dog Excellent Title (T.S.D.X.) Edynn entered the show ring for the first time in 2010 and since then has been awarded two Neuter in Groups. Edynn gained her Rally Novice Title on the 2nd February 2013 not bad for a 10 year young girl! Edynn gained her Neuter Show Title in March 2013 and now added this title to her Tracking Champion Title be become a Dual Champion - Dual Champion (T) Fernamber Edynn C.C.D. R.N. T.S.D.X. In February 2006 a litter was born to Edynn and Rory, of which we decided to keep two of the puppies, these puppies are Morningmyst Highlander (Connor) and Morningmyst Honour Bound (Willow). Connor gained all three of his tracking titles in the 2007 tracking season and became a Tracking Champion like his Mum and Dad in August 2007 at the age of eighteen months. Connor has also gained his Community Companion Dog Title in the obedience in October/November 2008 and his Companion Dog Title in early 2010. He also gained his TSD and TSDX Titles in 2010. Connor was Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc 2010 Obedience Dog of the Year. Connor gained his Rally Novice Title in February 2013 and his Rally Advanced Title in May 2013. In January 2014 Connor competed at the first ever Track and Search test 7 trial in Australia and successfully completed the test and was awarded a grading of Very Good. What a little star our big boy is, so proud of all his achievements!! With more to come in the future. Willow also did very well during the 2007 tracking season gaining both her Tracking Dog Title and her Tracking Dog Excellent Title. She was unable to compete at the last tracking trial of the season in the anticipation of gaining her Tracking Champion Title because her Mum, Edynn, was expecting another litter of gorgeous goldens, so we stayed home awaiting there arrival, which did happen. Willow gained her Tracking Champion Title at her first attempt in the 2008 season. Willow whelped a litter of nine puppies, four boys and five girls, on the 4th September 2009. The sire of this outstanding litter was Stormy (Supreme Champion Trigolden Luv To Tango) After having her litter of nine pups she completed her Track and Search Title in 2011 and her Track and Search Dog Excellent title in 2012. Willow then went onto train for Rally Obedience and gained her Rally Novice Title in March 2013. We have three gorgeous girls from Willow's first litter they are called Morningmyst Destiny Bound (Destiny), Morningmyst Dazzling Delight (Abby.) and Morningmyst Dare To Dream (Tilly). Destiny and Lynn entered the world of dog showing in December 2009 when Destiny was 3 months and 1 day old. Destiny won her first Bitch Challenge at the tender age of eight and half months to obtain her first points to her Australian Show Title in June 2010. Destiny continues to do well in the show ring going on to be awarded many Bitch Challenges and Best of Breed awards and RUBOB and RBCC. Destiny took a break from the show ring to go tracking with Lynn and gained her Tracking Dog Title, Tracking Dog Excellent Title and Tracking Champion Title all in the 2012 season, outstanding achievement!!! Destiny returned to the show ring in late 2012 and by March 2013 had gained enough points to add the title of Australian Show Champion to her name, she is now a Dual Champion - Dual Ch. (T) Morningmyst Destiny Bound. Destiny started competing in Track & Search Trials in April 2013 and by July 2013 had gained her TSD title Destiny whelped a litter of eleven gorgeous puppies on 14th October 2013, sired by Ch Waikipark Gold Crusader (Cruise). From this litter we have kept our little man, Declann (Morningmyst Bound for Glory). Abby or Abba Dabba to all her friends is from the same litter as Destiny. She is a delightful Golden with a great nose for tracking. She is a typical Golden who radiates warmth to all she meets. She excels at tracking. Abba gained her Tracking Dog Title and Tracking Dog Excellent Title in 2010 and finished off all the titles by gaining her Tracking Champion Title at the first trial in 2011. Abba also competes in the show ring now and gained her first Bitch Challenge points in January 2013 she enjoys the show ring and we are sure that if time permits she too will gain her Show Title in the future. Abba has also started competing in Track & Search Trials in April 2013 and by July 2013 had gained her TSD title! My little star! After just three show back in the ring Abba was awarded Best of Breed and took home a 24 point Challenge against some really quality competition. Tilly is a gorgeous golden who has been a little gun since being introduced to tracking in April 2012. She gained her Tracking Dog Title and Tracking Dog Excellent Title in 2012. Tilly loves tracking and gained her Tracking Champion Title at the Golden Retriever Tracking Trial in May 2013! Our little star! Tilly gained her conformation show title in 2014 to become a Dual Champion having gained her Tracking Champion Title in 2013. She is also in training for track and search and maybe some Rally! She is such a versatile golden girl. From the litter whelped on the 14th October to our gorgeous Destiny, we have decided to keep a boy and his name is Morningmyst Bound for Glory aka Declann. We hope to enjoy many years of fun together in the show ring, tracking, track & search as well as Rally and Obedience. Boy were we blessed Declann gained his Tracking Champion Title at the tender age of 11 months in fine style. He has also been very successful in the Show Ring winning many Baby Puppy of Breed classes and in his first Minor Puppy Class, prior to the tracking season commencing, being awarded Reserves Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed. Declann has opened his account on the way to gaining his Australian Show Title being awarded Best of Breed, Junior of Breed and short listed for Junior in Group at Naracoorte Shows in February 2015. On the 8th December 2014 Destiny had her second and final litter. The sire was Ch Trigolden Highland Piper (Piper) owned by Lorraine Harrowfield. Destiny whelped twelve pups this time again all naturally and was a super mum, you can read about the pups on the litters page. Shyla from this litter has joined the Morningmyst family, we look forward to many years of adventures and fun with this little girl. We are blessed to share our lives with our beautiful and smart Goldens, they all have their own personalities and we cherish each and everyone one of them everyday of our lives and theirs! Lynn is a full panel ANKC Obedience judge, licensed to judge Community Companion (CCD), Novice (CD), Open (CDX), Utility (UD) and Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) obedience classes as well as being a licensed Endurance, Tracking and Track & Search judge. Lynn also has her Rally Obedience license to judge all levels of this discipline. Lynn has had the pleasure of judging in not only Victoria but also in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. Lynn is a life member of the Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. and is the current President of the Club (President 2003 to 2009 then again from 2011 to current) having held the position of Secretary from 1991 to 2003. Lynn has been an elected member of the Victorian Canine Association Inc. (trading as DOGS Victoria). - Obedience, Tracking and Endurance Committee( OTEC) since 2000 and she currently holds the position of Chair of this Committee. She is also the Victorian delegate at the National ANKC Obedience Tracking and Endurance Committee, and holds the position of Deputy Chair of that Committee. Lynn is an accredited trainer and assessor in the Dogs Victoria OTEC judges training scheme. In 2013 Lynn was awarded Life Member of the Victorian Canine Association Inc. (trading as DOGS Victoria.) Lynn is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. Working Sub-Committee and is the Club's Tracking Trial Secretary as well as the Obedience Trial Secretary. Lynn is also Secretary of the Association of Dog Training Clubs of Victoria Inc. Mark and Lynn are both life members of Werribee Obedience Dog Club Inc., Mark is also an ANKC obedience judge licensed to judge the Community Companion (CCD) & Novice (CD) as well as all levels of Rally Obedience. Mark is also Dogs Victoria qualified obedience instructor. We are members of the following organisations and clubs:- The Victorian Canine Association Inc. The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. Werribee Obedience Dog Club Inc. Cocker Spaniel Club of Victoria Inc. Scottish Breeds Dog Club of Victoria Inc. IF THERE ARE NO GOLDEN RETRIEVERS IN HEAVEN, THEN WHEN I DIE, I WANT TO GO WHERE THEY WENT." - John Courtney  

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Email: Mark & Lynn Klecka
Victoria  3212
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