TRACKING CHAMPION Morningmyst Heavenscent T.S.D.
Sire: T. Ch. Winterset Impressions C.D. T.S.D.X. 
Dam: Dual Ch (T) & T.S. Ch Fernamber Edynn C.C.D. R.N.
Whelped: 14th February 2006


Maddie with Gary on there Test 7 Track May 2009!

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MORNINGMYST HEAVENSCENT (Maddie) shares her life with Gary & Julie and lives in Lilydale with another Morningmyst Golden who happens to be Maddie's niece and her name is Brodie! July 2014 - Tracking Club of Victoria's Champion of Champions Event - Maddie and Gary take out third place but were the best performing veteran team on the weekend being awarded a lovely sash in memory of another wonderful tracking dog Polo the Rottweiler. Maddie decided that she was having so much fun tracking that she did not need to indicate either of the two articles on the track and these are worth 25 points from each judge but her tracking was almost faultless gaining a total score of 146 points out of a possible 200, when you deduct the 50 points for no articles that is an amazing score! We are so proud of their wonderful achievement! More exciting News! ANOTHER TRACK AND SEARCH DOG TITLE FOR MORNINGMYST. Maddie and Gary gained their TSD title in 2013 and are working their way towards their TSDX title during 2014. Super Exciting News!!!! ANOTHER MORINGMYST TRACKING CHAMPION TITLE!!!! Maddie and Gary attained their Tracking Champion Title on Saturday 23rd May 2009 at the Golden Retriever Tracking Trial held at Inverleigh with a grading of EXCELLENT! What a wonderful achievement for a great tracking team. For the second year in a row Maddie not only was awarded Golden track of the day but also won the trophy for the Highest Graded Golden Retriever for the Trial. Maddie is a very special Golden and has a wonderful home with Gary and Julie. Lynn have the pleasure of watching the Gary & Maddie tracking on their Test 7 and she was one very proud 'Nana'!!! Everyone at Morningmyst is so proud of all her achievements. Even more so because Maddie is our first bred Golden Retriever to have attained the title of Tracking Champion that has not been trained and trialled by Lynn. We are just over the moon at Maddie and Gary's achievements here at Morningmyst!!! It just keeps getting better!!! Maddie and Gary have now passed their Tracking Test 5 with yet another EXCELLENT grading, what a wonderful tracking team they are!! We are so very proud of them both. Passing test 5 means Maddie is now gained the title of Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX). More Exciting News!!!! Maddie and Gary have passed their Tracking Test 4 with another grading of EXCELLENT!!!! At Hastings & Districts tracking trial on Sunday 1st June 2008 Maddie and Gary in the words of their judge 'did a blinder of a track' and were graded accordingly. We are all so proud here at Morningmyst. At the Golden Retreiver Club of Victoria Tracking Trial held at Inverleigh in May 2008 Maddie together with Gary passed their tracking test 3 with a grading of EXCELLENT Exciting news!!! Maddie gained her Tracking Dog Title during the 2007 Victorian Tracking Season and is poised to completed her tracking titles during the 2008 tracking season. Maddie has matured in to a beautiful Golden with a wonderful personality which continues to win her friends wherever she goes. She has the drive and energy to be involved in everything going on, although she is still an avid gardener at times, she fines time to continue her tracking training whilst enjoying her time at her obedience club. Maddie has progressed in her obedience training and is now in the advanced level, which Gary and her are enjoying. .

Pedigree of "TRACKING CHAMPION Morningmyst Heavenscent T.S.D."

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

T. Ch. Winterset Impressions C.D. T.S.D.X.     


RT Ch. Kiamagold Sebastian C.D.X. C.M.

 Sunbronze Aspen
Kiamagold Jessie
Winterset Moonlight Lady C.D.X. R.R.D. FT Ch. Portlaoghise Misty Dan C.D.X. R.R.D.
FT Ch. Shirama Lady Rachelle C.D.X. R.R.D.


Dual Ch (T) & T.S. Ch Fernamber Edynn C.C.D. R.N.

Ch. Goldensam Caspar Boy Ch. Sandusky Kalmmer C.D.X. (Imp SWD)
Pointgold Kwik Reaction
T. Ch. Fernamber Silhouette C.D.X. Pointgold Mixed Reaction U.D.
Fernfall Stand By Me C.D.X. T.D.

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